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Erecting a Cell Tower on your land?

     If you have been contacted by a Cell Phone company to erect a tower on your land, have you considered the following and will you obtain the maximum benefit this could bring to you and your heirs?
  1. Who will take the process thru the municipal boards (Planning, Zoning, Historic District, FAA)?
  2. Who will be responsible for tower lighting and maintenance?
  3. What happens when the cell company invites other cell providers to locate on the tower?
  4. What materials will be brought to the site on your land (gasoline, propane, paint, diesel)?
  5. Will you be compensated for additional users on the tower after the initial one?
  6. What annual increase in revenue can you expect?
  7. What if you want to sell your land or will it to your children?
  8. What bargaining power do you have during the cell tower lease negotiation?
  9. How long is the lease term and when does it actually start?
  10. What are you responsible for in terms of insurance, easements and indemnification?
  11. Who is responsible for taxes, utilities?
  12. What is reasonable compensation?
  13. What happens if the cell company leaves?
  14. Who owns the tower?
     If you don't have ready answers to the above questions, you may need expert assistance.

     Contact us by phone or E-mail (E-mail is preferred), start out by being in control of your new venture.

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